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Awards & Recognition

This black border edition is the current Standard Issue Lodge Flap.

The Silver Border Flap is for the Chief and Advisor of each Chapter.

This is the Gold Border, Lodge Executive Committee Flap. Worn by current and past OA members, you can only get 1 of these by lifetime

historical Flaps

This flap is the Charter Member flap or, more commonly referred to, the “Red Border Ohlone.” This flap was given only to those members who were in the lodge or joined the lodge the first year it was created, and only after attending 3 events, could you buy a second. Making them fairly rare.

This flap is the “Gold Border Ohlone.” You only received one of these patches, 100 in existence, if you were a member of the Lodge Executive Committee. You were on the committee if you held a lodge office, or were a committee chair for the one of the operating committees in the lodge. Very Rare.

The Old Standard Issue lodge flap has the grey border.

This patch, a variation of the Standard Issue, was issued with a light purple sky due to a mistake at the patch maker.