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To Send an email to the Lodge:

  1. Open LodgeMaster. The adults with Admin privileges should set up youth account permissions every term.  
  2. In the left side bar towards the top click on the “Member” tab 
  3. Click on “Advanced Filtering” the icon should look like this and be above the row headers
  4. Select the years you would like to send this email to. You can also find other filters by clicking on the other views on the left side of the page.
  5.  Hover over “Grid Data” (top left hand corner) and most of the way down there will be a “Send Email” Button. 
  6. Where your personal email is listed at the top, change it to your leadership specific email (ex.
  7. Write your email
  8. In the top right corner click “Submit for Approval” The adults will review the email 

If you want to watch a video explaining the process then click here

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