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What is the Lodge Chief?

The Lodge Chief is the leader of the Lodge, Chairman of the LEC, and assumes responsibility for all lodge operations. The Chief works with the Key-3 to maintain close connection with the adult leadership and council leadership. Approves appointments from the other lodge officers for committee chairs. Prepares all meeting agendas and correspondence with Adviser support. 

When necessary, the Lodge Chief will appoint, with Lodge Adviser approval, one of the current Vice Chiefs to take over if the Chief is unavailable.

The Lodge Chief acts as a supervisor, seeing the bigger picture for each event and the lodge, making sure everything that has to happen happens

Responsibilities to the Section:

General Description*

The duty of the Lodge Chief is to attend all COC’s (Council of Chiefs) to vote on many matters of the Section. Also, it is the duty of the Chief to understand their Lodge calendar and communicate it to the Section. The Chief should attend Conclave and any other mandatory Section event, such as the retreat. The members of the many Lodges elect their Lodge Chief.  

Detailed Position*

  1. Regular communication with adviser (via phone/text/email/etc.) to keep track of and meet goals, discuss challenges, and find solutions.
  2. Communicate the Lodge Calendar to the Section for scheduling purposes.
  3. Attend all COC meetings and be prepared to give a brief update on the Lodge, including the PMP status of the Lodge. 
  4. Be active in presenting ideas and contributing to the discussion at the COC.
  5. Help the other Lodges with anything they might struggle in.
  6. Through your Lodge, promote and create a midway booth for the Section Conclave.
  7.  Vote on Section matters with the benefit of your Lodge in mind, and also respect other Lodges.
  8. Respect other Lodges and their chiefs to create healthy and friendly relationships that make the Section a friendly place for fellowship and brotherhood.
  9. Be an example of the Scout Oath and Law, and wear the Scout uniform appropriately. 

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