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On the weekend of April 21-23 the Section (a group of lodges in our area.) will be hosting our annual Conclave (a meeting of all the lodges in our area) at Camp High Sierra! It is going to be a very fun event with games, camaraderie, and scouting. Did I mention we will be having mountain biking? (Led by Zach Graham, our previous lodge chief). We would love to see everyone there, you can sign up at:

For people attending: Make sure you sign up for training groups:

Camp Hi-Sierra is about a 4-hour drive away from most parts of Pacific Skyline Council. If you would love to go but need a ride up there, there is a ride-share spreadsheet at the following link.  Note that this is a self-organizing carpool aid, but ultimately each participant is responsible for securing their own transportation both to and from camp.

A packing list will be sent shortly