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Lodge Executive Committee

Need to contact an adult? Email any of the Advisers below or Chris Webb at

Lodge Chief

The Lodge Chief is in charge of the Lodge. The Lodge Chief runs the Lodge Executive Committee meetings and is a member of the Lodge Key Three representing the youth of the lodge. They also are responsible for approving all committee chairmen that are appointed by the Vice Chiefs and creates temporary committees as needed.

Contact Ellery Date:

Contact the Lodge Adviser, Chris Webb:  

Vice Chief of Visitation (VCV)

The Vice Chief of Visitation is responsible for promoting relationships between the Lodge and all units within the Council. This typically involves outreach and coordinating unit visitations to drive Camp Promotions and Unit Elections.

Contact William Bennett:

Contact the VCV adviser, Kris Monsen:

Vice Chief of Induction (VCI)

The Vice Chief of Induction is responsible for any lodge functions involved with bringing new members into the Lodge. They takes charge of the Ordeals, oversees the Elections chairman (the person responsible for making sure elections happen), the Ceremonies, and the Elangomats. They are also responsible for developing a plan to assure all Ordeal members attain the Brotherhood Honor.

Contact Ty Gannon, VCI:

Contact the VCI Adviser, Mike Pranza:

Vice Chief of Activation (VCA)

The Vice Chief of Activation is responsible for developing relationships between new Arrowmen and the Lodge, particularly through Lodge and Chapter Fellowships, service projects, and driving attendance at area, regional, and national events like Conclaves, NLS/DYLC, and NOAC.

Contact William Washington:

Contact the VCA Adviser, Casey Inman:


Lodge Secretary

The Lodge Secretary is responsible for the communications of the lodge. She works closely with the Publications chairman and makes sure that minutes are kept for all Lodge Executive Board meetings. She is primarily responsible for the Lodge Planbook and the Lodge Website.

Contact the Sloane Smith, Secretary:

Contact the Secretary Adviser, Casey Inman:

Lodge Treasurer

The Lodge Treasurer is responsible for keeping the Lodge’s money in order. She is responsible for releasing a Lodge Budget at the beginning of each year, and a budget for each event, as well as registration at the events. She is also responsible for the Lodge Trading Post and patch designs.

Contact Ellery Date, Treasurer:

Contact the Treasurer Adviser, Daryl Thomas: