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What is the Lodge Adviser?

The purpose of the Lodge Adviser is to provide guidance to the youth leadership, to provide opportunities to develop leadership and build character. The Adviser oversees all business of the Lodge Executive Committee and manages the adult leadership in all aspects of the Lodge. The Adviser provides guidance specific to the Lodge Chief in order to assist him in discharging his duties.

At The Section Level:.                                                                                     
Advise your Lodge Chief or other officers and reps if any of the Section responsibilities. Make sure the Chief has a secure ride to and from Section meetings. Make sure the Chief brings back any pertinent Section information and shares it with the Lodge and that he likewise brings Lodge concerns back to the Section COC table. Advise the Lodge Chief on how he can promote Sectional, Regional, and National OA events to the Lodge and Chapters effectively.

Detailed Position*

  1. Regular communication with the Chief (via phone, text, email, etc.) to keep track of and meet goals, discuss challenges, and find solutions.
  2. Communicate the Lodge Calendar to the Chief. He may present it to the Section for scheduling purposes.      
  3. Be sure both of you attend all COC meetings and prepare the Chief to give a brief update on the status of the Lodge in relativity to JTE. Submit written and/or electronic Lodge reports. If you cannot attend the COC, find an Associate Lodge Adviser that can. The Lodge Adviser should attend the Conclave and make sure that attendance from the Lodge is promoted in a positive and timely manner. (This includes forwarding Conclave flyers to Lodge membership, putting info on Conclave and a link for registration on the Lodge website, and talking it up at Lodge events).
  4.  Propose to your Chief to assist other Lodges that request help with anything such as ceremonies, dance or drumming, Lodge budget, LLD, etc.
  5. Advise the chief to vote on Section issues being a representative of your Lodge, but also be mindful of other Lodges’ needs.
  6.  Respect other Lodges, their Lodge Advisers; create healthy and friendly relationships to make the Section model for fellowship and brotherhood.
  7. Be dutiful in the timely preparation and submission of your Lodge recharter and PMP documents before December 20 of each year (a copy of each also goes to the Section Adviser by that date). Be mindful of submissions for the National Service Grant (no later than October 31 of each year), and other National Awards with your Lodge recharter documents.
  8. Be an example of the Scout Oath and Law and wear the Scout uniform and sash appropriately.

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