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Pair of Otters

N.O.A.C. Flaps

   As was said before, the National Order of the Arrow Conference is a great event to attend and can be a very memorable experience. But, unfortunately, the costs for this trip can become very high. So, in order to ease some of the burden for the youth members in the lodge to attend the conference, the lodge issues what is called a NOAC Flap. The money raised in the selling of these patches, helps go toward the costs.

NOAC 1996
   This was the first year that Ohlone Lodge sent a contingent to the National Conference. There were two patches created, a Black border to be used and traded by contingent members, and the Aqua border to the trader available to the general public.

   Unfortunately, the patch maker made a mistake and sent us a batch of patches that were much too small. So, we had to have the patches remade, thus making 4 patch designs for the 1996 NOAC.

Mini Fundraiser Flap 1996
NOAC Fundraiser 1996
Mini Contingent Flap 1996
NOAC Contingent 1996
NOAC 1998
NOAC Fundraiser 1998
NOAC Contingent 1998
NOAC 2000  
NOAC Contingent 2000
NOAC Fundraiser 2000

NOAC 2002
Pictures Coming Soon
NOAC 2006
Pictures Coming Soon
NOAC 2009
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NOAC 2012
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