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Pair of Otters

Lodge Bylaws

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Article I: Name, Affiliation, and Functions of the Organization

A. The name of the organization shall be Ohlone Lodge #63, WWW.

B. The lodge is a functional unit of the Boy Scouts program in the Pacific Skyline Council, Boy Scouts of America, located in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties of California. As part of the Boy Scouts Program, the lodge will report to the Scout Executive of the council either directly or through his designee, and to the Council Executive Board through the appropriate committee assigned.

C. The official totem of the lodge shall be the California Sea Otter.

D. The lodge will produce a lodge patch to be worn on the right breast pocket of the official scout uniform.  Those who wear the patch will be active members of the Boy Scouts Program and agree to the principles of the Council, the Order of the Arrow, and the Boy Scouts of America.

E. The lodge will maintain active program elements according to the Order of the Arrow
Handbook, the Order of the Arrow Guide for Officers and Advisors, and the Section Field Operation Guide.  This will include at a minimum:

1. Lodge officer elections and training.
2. Unit elections in all Scout troops desiring one.
3. Support and promotion of the Scout Council Program with emphasis on the Boy Scout Outdoor Program and council camps.
4. Active participation in the OA Section, Region, and National activities.
5. Suitable ordeals to assure that every elected scout has an opportunity to be inducted into the lodge.
6. Maintaining adequate records of the lodge membership and active communications with membership via lodge publications.

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Article II: Officers and Advisers of the Lodge and Conduct of Business

A. Governance of the Lodge will rest in the youth membership of the lodge and their elected officers. Except for items presented during the Annual Business Meeting, all affairs of the lodge will be conducted by the Lodge Executive Committee. This body shall meet as needed to conduct all business except for the amendment of the Lodge Bylaws which may only occur at the Annual Business Meeting.

B. The elected youth officers of the lodge shall be as follows: Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice Chief of Administration, Lodge Vice Chief of Inductions, Lodge Secretary, and Lodge Treasurer. All elected officers and committee chairmen must be under 21 years of age during the entire term of office.

C. The Lodge Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected lodge officers, immediate past lodge chief, committee chairmen, the lodge advisor, committee advisors and staff advisor. Only youth Lodge Executive Committee (Chiefs Council) members may have one vote at Lodge Executive Committee (Chiefs Council) meetings. All youth members may vote on all matters at the Annual Business Meeting in May and at Lodge Leadership Elections.

D. Lodge officers shall be elected at the Annual Business Meeting held in May. They shall be installed at the Annual Lodge Banquet and take office 24 hours after installation or June 15th, whichever is sooner.

E. Duties of the Lodge Officers:

1. Lodge Chief

a. Overall responsibilities for lodge operations.
b. Presides over all lodge and executive committee (Chiefs Council) meetings.
c. Represents the youth as a member of the Lodge Key Three.
d. Approves appointments of committee chairmen by lodge vice chiefs.
e. Creates ad-hoc committees as needed.
f. Serves as a member of the Council Executive Board.

2. Lodge Vice Chief of Administration

a. Responsible for all operational committees (Camp Promotion, Dance, Insignia/Promotions, Nominations)
b. Appoints chairmen with approval of the Lodge Chief.
c. Assumes the role of the Lodge Chief in the absence or resignation of the Lodge Chief.

3. Lodge Vice Chief of Inductions

a. Responsible for all lodge committees related to the induction process (Brotherhood, Ceremonies, Unit Elections, Elangomat, Task Master, Regalia).
b. Appoints Chairmen with approval of the Lodge Chief.
c. Coordinates Ordeals.
d. Develop and maintain programs to assure all Ordeal members attain the Brotherhood Honor.

4. Lodge Secretary

a. Responsible for keeping all records of the lodge current and accurate.
b. Records minutes at all Lodge and Executive (Chiefs Council) meetings.
c. Works with the Lodge Chief to establish agendas.
d. Primarily responsible for the lodge website ohlone63.org.
e. Oversees the creation of all publications including the quarterly newsletter (News from the OtterSide).
f. Responsible for he Publications Committee of the Lodge.
g. Responsible for insuring all publications are mailed on time.

5. Lodge Treasurer

a. Works with the Lodge Staff Advisor and his Advisor to keep financial records of the lodge.
b. Records dues payments and event registration.
c. Prepares the annual budget and is responsible for the lodge trading post.
d. Responsible for maintaining adequate stock of Sashes, books, flaps, etc.

F. Advisors are appointed by the Scout Executive. Each advisor in the Lodge Order provides support for the program to which he or she has been assigned.

1. Lodge Advisor

a. Responsible for recommending to the Scout Executive, all adult advisors of the lodge.
b. Serves as a member of the Lodge Key Three.
c. Serves on the Council Executive Board.

2. Lodge Staff Advisor

a. Responsible to ensure compliance of National Order of the Arrow Policy and National Boy Scout Policy.
b. Serves as a member of the Lodge Key Three.
c. Professional Scouter appointed by the Scout Executive.

G. The entire lodge membership will convene once a year at the Annual Business Meeting in May to conduct all formal lodge business, election of officers to serve the next year, and to amend the Lodge Bylaws. This meeting must be held within the confines of the Pacific Skyline Council. This meeting will be chaired by the Nominations Chairman. Current youth member of the lodge with dues paid may vote at the Annual Business Meeting. Adult members of the lodge may attend but will not be allowed to sit in the voting section of the house. Elections will be by division of the house.

H. The lodge calendar will be based upon the school calendar. Officers will hold office from 24 hours after being installed at the Annual Banquet or June 15th which ever is sooner, to the following years Annual Banquet or June 14th which ever is sooner.

I. Should any officer of the lodge (except the chief) fail to live up to the obligations of his office, he may be replaced by a 75% majority vote of the Lodge Executive (Chiefs Council) Committee. Replacement is only possible after a thorough review of the situation by the Lodge Key Three and a motion for removal from office is made by the Lodge Chief. Should the Lodge Chief fail to live up to the obligations of his office, a request for the motion to remove him must be submitted to the Lodge Secretary by both the Lodge Advisor and the Scout Executive. The Lodge Secretary must present the motion to the Lodge Executive (chiefs council) Committee at the next scheduled meeting. Should the motion carry the 75% margin, the Lodge Vice Chief of Administration will become the Lodge Chief for the remainder of the term of office.

J. Replacement of a lodge officer during the year will be by a special election to be conducted at the next lodge function and must be publicized in the next lodge mailing.

K. The Lodge Chief may appoint other members to special committee chair positions as needed during the year. These chairmen will serve as ex-officio (nonvoting) members of the Lodge Executive (Chiefs Council) Committee.

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Article III: Lodge Finances and Property

A. All lodge funds will be maintained by the Pacific Skyline Council in a trust account. Annual dues will be collected from the membership and must not exceed $15.00. The exact dues amount for the year will be approved by the Lodge Executive (Chiefs Council) Committee as part of the budget.

B. Disbursement of funds will be by the approval of the approval of the voting members of the Lodge Executive Committee.

C. The Lodge Treasurer must make a regular report of the account to the Lodge Executive (Chiefs Council) Committee and a full accounting must be presented at the Annual Business Meeting showing actual and projected figures for the following year.

D. The Lodge Treasurer shall also be responsible for all lodge properties. He should maintain an inventory of the items including, but not limited to: location, condition and value. He is responsible for ensuring all materials are maintained. All requests for use must be approves by the Lodge Treasurer.

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Article IV: Amendments

A. Amendments and modifications to these Lodge Bylaws must be made in writing to the Lodge Executive (Chief's Council) at least one meeting before the Annual Business Meeting.

B. Amendments must be approved by simple majority vote of the entire membership in attendance at the Annual Business Meeting.

C. Amendments become effective 24 Hours after approval.

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Article V: Lodge Insignia and Patch Policy

A. Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to establish a policy on how lodge flaps are issued by Ohlone Lodge, Pacific Skyline Council, Boy Scouts of America. This policy shall outline who, how, and where lodge flaps are issued.

B. Policy: Gold Border - Executive Board - Council of Chiefs
The Gold Border lodge flap is issued to those who hold a youth or adult position on the executive board. Those positions are; the Lodge Chief, Vice Chief of Administration, Vice Chief of Inductions, Secretary, Treasurer and their Advisors.
Only one (1) gold border flap is issued per person, per design, per lifetime.

B. Policy: Silver Border - Executive Board - Villages
The Silver Border lodge flap is issued only to the Village Chief & Village Advisor.
Only one (1) Silver Border flap is issued per person, per design, per lifetime.

C. Policy: General Member Border - General Membership Patch
These patches are issued to the general membership to designate membership in Ohlone Lodge. Original patch is earned by completing the Ordeal. Additional patches may be purchased on a 5 flaps per event (non meeting or training) basis.

D. National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) Patch
These flaps are for those attending the national conference. The lodge typically makes two versions of this patch, one version is the contingent patch and the second is a trader/fund raiser patch. The contingent flap is usually made so the each member of a contingent can have up to five (5) flaps. Trader Flaps are usually made in quantities that the contingent feels can be effectively sold to raise funds to help offset the price of the national conference or travel expenses. There is no limit on the number of these patches that can be bought- up to the amount manufactured. NOAC flaps will only be made once and in sufficient quantities for this need.

E. Specialty Patches - Chenille, Rounds, Prototypes, etc.
Periodically the lodge will issue a specialty patch to commemorate a special event, function. Examples are the Chenille arrowhead for the lodge banquet and the round patch for Conclave Host in 1999 and 2006.

F. Prototypes of patch designs
Red Border Member Patch was issued the first year of the lodge. These are typically limited number patches and once all are issued they are no longer available.

G. Patch Design
Whenever a new patch design is needed it is the lodge's intent to have a design contest where designs from any member of the lodge may be submitted for consideration. The designs should be in a shape appropriate for the design being requested. The Chiefs Council shall set an opening and closing date for submission of designs. Designs received after the closing date will not be considered. The designs will be presented at the next Council of Chiefs meeting where they will be voted on and the winning design chosen.

H. Issuance of restricted patches
The Gold, Silver, and Specialty Border patches are restricted. These patches are for special recognition and are controlled by the lodge advisor. The lodge advisor shall issue these restricted patches and shall keep a log of who receives these patches. When a youth or adult has completed the requirements below, they are eligible to receive their Silver or Gold Border patch. Contact the lodge advisor to receive your patch. The lodge advisor may ask for verification of meeting the criteria below from anyone who can verify compliance with the conditions below. In order to receive a gold or silver patch the person selected shall meet the following criteria:

1. For youth: Be elected Lodge Chief, Vice Chief of Administration, Vice Chief of Inductions, Secretary, or Treasurer.
2. For adult: Be appointed by the lodge advisor to serve as an advisor for the youth positions listed above.
3. Shall serve for a minimum of 6 months in their position.
4. Participate in at least 2 lodge functions i.e.: ordeals, SOR, conclave.

I. Replacement of restricted Patches
Restricted patches may be replaced with a patch of similar design if available. If the patch being replaced is no longer available it may be replaced with the newer version. The loss of the restricted patch shall be verified, as circumstances allow, by the Lodge Advisor prior to issuance of a replacement.

J. Patch Ordering
Patch ordering shall be through the Pacific Skyline Council Staff Advisor. Quantities and designs shall be as directed by the Chiefs Council. The staff advisor shall place the order for the patches and once billing is received shall process the payment for the patches.

K. Record Keeping
Because the lodge restricts certain patches i.e.: Silver and Gold, the advisor shall maintain a list of all people who have received these special border patches or others special recognition patches. This log shall be made available to anyone who asks to see it within 10 days of the request or as arrainged with the requestor.

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