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Pair of Otters

Past Lodge Chiefs and Advisers

Year Lodge Chief Lodge Adviser Staff Adviser
2021Zachary Graham Daryl Thomas Andrew Wilmes
2020-2021Andres Pranza Daryl Thomas Andrew Wilmes
2019-2020Will Merwin Daryl Thomas Andrew Wilmes
2018-2019Nolan Kowitt Daryl Thomas Davey Warner
2017-2018Owen Convery Daryl Thomas Davey Warner
2016-2017Ali Abukhater Clint Takeshita Davey Warner
2015-2016Michael Wu Clint Takeshita Manny Macias
2014-2015Clayton Hagy Greg Muira Ron Chang
2013-2014Manu Navjeevan Greg Muira Ron Chang
2012-2013Teddy Heidmann Greg Muira Ron Chang
2011-2012John Wilken Greg Muira Ron Chang
2010-2011Teddy Heidmann Greg Muira Ron Chang
2009-2010Michael Miura Stan Rudnick Ron Chang
2008-2009Bradley Bottoms Stan Rudnick Ron Chang
2007-2008Ian Davis Stan Rudnick Ron Chang
2006-2007Nick Wilmes Jr. Stan Rudnick Olin Laster
2005-2006Joshua Alberts Steve DeVere John Richers
2004-2005Andrew Coggiola Mark Matthews John Richers
2003-2004Matthew Rudnick Mark Matthews Skip Nall
2002-2003Michael Maxwell Mark Matthews Skip Nall
2002Mike Duerson Mark Matthews Skip Nall
2001Matthew Rudnick Jay "Kelly" Veach Skip Nall
2000-2001Michael Maxwell Jay "Kelly" Veach Skip Nall
1999-2000Eugene DeVere Jay "Kelly" Veach Jim Manely
1998-1999Eugene DeVere Jay "Kelly" Veach Jim Manely
1997-1998Nick Carpenter Jay "Kelly" Veach Jim Manely
1996-1997Nick Carpenter Jay "Kelly" Veach Len Lanzi
1995-1996Aaron Misrack Jay "Kelly" Veach Mike Partin
1994-1995Mike Simonovich Jay "Kelly" Veach Mike Partin
1994 Peter Greenmun Jay "Kelly" Veach Mike Partin

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