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Pair of Otters


Lodge Leaders 2019-2020

Lodge Chief: Will Merwin

   Adviser: Dr. Daryl Thomas

   The Lodge Chief is in charge of the Lodge. He is the representative of the Lodge. He runs the Executive Board meetings and all lodge meetings, is a member of the Lodge Key Three representing the youth of the lodge. He also is responsible for approving all committee chairmen that are appointed by the Vice Chiefs and creates temporary committees as needed.

Lodge Chief

Vice Chief of Administration: Andres Pranza

   Adviser: Mr. Chris Morrison

   The Vice Chief of Administration is responsible for all administrative functions of the lodge. He is responsible for overseeing all operational committees in the lodge, i.e. Camp Promotions, Dance, Publications, Insignia/Promotion, and Regalia, appointing committee chairman as necessary. And more importantly if the Lodge Chief dies he takes over.


Vice Chief of Inductions: Zach Graham

   Adviser: Mr. Michael Pranza

   The Vice Chief of Inductions is responsible for any lodge functions involved with bringing new members into the Lodge. He takes charge of the Ordeals, oversees the Elections chairman (the person responsible for making sure elections happen), the Ceremonies, and the Elangomats. He is also responsible for developing a plan to assure all Ordeal members attain the Brotherhood Honor.


Lodge Secretary: Holden Kowitt

   Adviser: Mr. Bryan Klech

    The Lodge Secretary is responsible for the communications of the lodge. He works closely with the Publications chairman and makes sure that minutes are kept for all Lodge Executive Board meetings. He is primarily responsible for the Lodge Planbook and the Lodge Website.


Lodge Treasurer: Malcolm Hall

   Adviser: Mr. Dean Grason

   The Lodge Treasurer is responsible for keeping the Lodge's moneys in order. He is responsible for releasing a Lodge Budget at the beginning of each year, and a budget for each event, as well as registration at the events. He is also responsible for the Lodge Trading Post.


Need to contact an adult? Email Dr. Daryl Thomas at lodgeadviser@ohlone63.org

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